“It is not uncommon for a large telecom carrier to rely on
10 - 15 unique billing systems and databases for one hospital which creates a complex maze of invoices. This makes it difficult for a hospital to determine if they are really getting the most competitive pricing for each account.”
John Taylor, President, Tryon Clear View Group

Tryon Clear View Group has performed over 1,000 audits for hospitals and health- care systems. Our proprietary national database allows us to compare current vendor pricing with what those same vendors are charging hospitals of the same size. This is why our success rate in found healthcare savings is 98%, averaging 24% for telecom and 35% for waste for annual spend.

Tryon Clear View Group is the sole source provider for telecom and waste audits for many of the top healthcare GPOs in the nation.

Wellmont Health System, TN — “Although we felt we were unique in having a full-time person that audited all our telecom and utility billing, your staff was able to locate significant savings with your knowledge of taxation and other areas we had not discovered. [Your] staff was very patient and worked closely with us to ensure an efficient audit was executed at [our] eight hospitals and many physician offices. With an extremely detailed review of our bills and on-site visits, we were very impressed with the professionalism of [your] team. We would recommend [you] to any organization that requires an audit of this type.”

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