“Twelve percent to twenty percent of
telecom charges across all telecom-related
invoices are incorrect, with 85 percent
in the carrier’s favor.” (Gartner Group)

Sustainable Cost Reduction Solutions

Ensure that the services currently purchased from our clients’ vendors are billing correctly. Our review provides a framework to determine total current costs by area and ensures that all of the costs billed are required.

Analysis includes on-site line inventory. Review of all local, long distance, cellphones, pagers, conferencing, internet, cable and data. Recovery from previous years of overcharges and erroneous fees.
Savings average 24%.

Telecom Line Audit:
Matches every line and circuit on each invoice to the physical line and circuit in each building. Lines and circuits may be lines or circuits billed to you but belonging to another company. Some lines or circuits that are billing may not even be connected but are still billed.

Cost reduction and recovery for solid, hazardous, biohazards, medical, shredding, hauling and recycling of waste material.
Savings average 35%.

In-depth invoice analysis includes specification development, purchase planning, disposal and refresh consultation.
Savings average 29%.

Analyze all aspects of energy procurement process; reduce energy costs, strategic energy planning, optimization of utility service, managing fuel supply, negotiating best in class pricing. Energy analysis includes electricity, natural gas, fuel oil, propane, coal and steam.
Savings average 7-10%.