Telecom – Includes Long Distance, Local, Internet, Data, Onsite Line Audit, Cell Phones and Pagers. We are proud to note telecom savings resulting in 4.1M dollars to the US Coast Guard.

Cable – We compare current rate plans with our proprietary national database to ensure that we identify the best rates available and offer alternative plans or negotiate contract according to channel selections and basic/extended service.

A recent review for large Florida hospital resulted in cable savings of 81.8%.

Waste – Solid, hazardous, biohazards, medical, shredding, hauling and recycling of waste material are areas encompassed in this audit.

A review for a 350-bed health system in Arizona resulted in a recovery of $19,000 for billing errors by its bio-waste vendor.

A recent review of a West Virginia school district resulted in waste savings of 44.5%.

Utilities – Electric, Gas, Water. This historical review ensures compliances up to five years; rates can be affected going forward.

A review for a County in the State of South Carolina, a regulated state, resulted in an average annual electric savings of $190,000.

A review for a 3,500-bed health system in Arizona resulted in a historical one-time credit of $241,000 for natural gas.